Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to Embed PDF into Website

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Embedding a PDF From Drive into Website / Blog HTML

Embedding PDFs in a blog can be a great way to share information, especially with parents and the community. These days Google Drive makes this easy: when you’re viewing a PDF you can easily get the embed code and drop it into you blog. But, the code includes a preview pane and no options for zooming, so it’s not idea. The default Google Drive PDF embed code ends up creating this:


  • Upload PDF File into Google Drive
  • Get PDF Link "Right click on File and Click on 'Get Link' "
  • Copy Link and Past into Embed Link

<iframe src="[put your file id here]&pid=explorer&efh=false&a=v&chrome=false&embedded=true" width="580px" height="480px"></iframe>

<iframe src="" width="700px" height="480px"></iframe>
  • Past above code to your Website and Blog...!
  • Adjust Width and Height by Requirements 
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