Friday, 29 March 2013

Online Image-Editor

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Online Image Editor

Make College, Edit a Photo, Facebook timeline Cover image, Backgrounds. 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Internet Search Engines

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Internet Search Engines: How to Find What You Want on the World Wide Web
How to Find What You Want on the World Wide Web Search

University at Buffalo librarians evaluate Web directories and search engines and select the most useful ones out of hundreds for you!
We've partnered with Google™ to bring Google Scholar to the UB community.

Table Title
Web Directories Web Search
Yahoo Google
ipl2 Yahoo Search Bing (MSN)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

All Activator

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Windows 8 Patcher.rar

Windows 8 Professional Final Activator by Chand2.rar

Friday, 22 March 2013

WhatsApp on PC Windows 7

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How to Run WhatsApp on PC Windows 7

WhatsApp on PC (Windows 7)
Recently, I saw so many friends asking online for WhatsApp requests or how to use it. It's kinda frustrate me a little, because WhatsApp doesn't have a version in Windows Mobile 6.5 that I own, and I have spent my money for something else, not for a new Android phone.

So, I just got an idea... why can't I use it on my PC?
Since it uses internet(Edge/3G) to chat anyway, it is possible to use a PC to do the same thing. Then, I started asking around about how the software works. Seems WhatsApp needs also a mobile phone number to register and as a redundancy when offline. If it's just that.... it's now possible to do.


·         A phone (no need to be a Smartphone, but it needs to have its mobile number, and be able to receive text)
·         A PC (or Mac, whatever)
·         Android Emulator (come with Android SDK, downloadable at )
·         WhatsApp for Android apk file (downloadable at )
·         Telnet or a software applicable to connect to Telnet protocol. (ex. Putty, )

1. Install Android SDK. The default installation path is at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Android" but it seems to have a little trouble after installation because it is difficult to type a path name with " "(space) in between. I recommend to use "C:\Android" for installing path, or use a DOS command "makelink" to create a link from "C:\Android" to the installation path. I won't cover the installation process here.

2. After finish installing, "SDK Manager" program would popup, if not, open it from Start-->All Programs-->Android SDK Tools-->SDK Manager . This tool is for managing which version of Android will be installed in the system. You can choose to install all the Android versions available, but it would be a long time for downloading. I recommend installing only what is needed. For this tutorial, I'll use only Android 2.3.3 API 10.

3. When the SDK Manager finish updating and installing, it's time for setting up our emulator. First off, go to the "Virtual devices" tab on the left, and hit "New..."

4. On the new emulator window, type emulator name as you want (in this case "TestAndroid"). Set the "Target" and SD card size, then hit Create AVD.

5. This image shows the Android Virtual Device has been successfully created. Let's click on "Start..." button to start it. (warning, it might take time... it is really slow)

6. When the Android Virtual Device started properly, open the web browser(on the device) and go to (you can click on Google searchbox and type the URL) and download WhatsApp program and install it.

7. Open WhatsApp, it'll ask you to type in your phone number. It'll send you a text SMS to verify that is really your number. You have to type your real phone number here.

8. You have to wait for awhile for the SMS message arrive to your own phone. The message will look like this.

From: 123456
WhatsApp code 984

Now it is a tricky part to put this message into Android Virtual Device to verify your phone number. (One of my friend didn't do this, he verified by sound instead, which is ok. But mine is cooler XD)
Open a "telnet" or "putty" connection to localhost port 5554

Fake an SMS message into android virtual device by typing this

sms send <sender phone no.>  <message>

Issue a command "sms send <phone no.> <message>"
(* "OK" is an affirmation from AVD)

9. Now it's done.

This tool is supposed to query all the phone contacts in the phone to add in WhatsApp, but too bad that I couldn't create a contact in this device just yet. Anyway, what you can do is waiting for friends to add your phone number and see you online. And it's working!

I saw many people have problems on installing WhatsApp on Emulator. My first thought is I think WhatsApp changed its code to disable us from using their app on Emulator, which is true. I just tried again today and it does not work. The new freshly download file's size is 4.75 MB, but the original file I did while doing this tutorial is just 4.29 MB (version 2.6.7722)

So, what can we do about it? I think from now on, we cannot use WhatsApp on Android emulator anymore. But if you "really" want to try it on the emulator, here is the how-to:
I uploaded the APK installer (from the time I wrote this tutorial) to here:
Download the file and put it in the folder that easy to remember. (I put it in D:\)
start the emulator so we can communicate with it via command line
use command prompt (cmd.exe as in step 8. above) and go to the folder contains "adb.exe" (usually is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools)
run command "adb install d:\WhatsApp.apk"  (without quotes), where d:\WhatsApp.apk is where the downloaded file is. Then wait until it completed.

6. go to the emulator, and perform the steps 6-9 above to install the app normally.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Make Money from Facebook

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How To Make MoneyOnline From Facebook : FanSlave

Hi Friends,"Make Money Online With Facebook" may sounds you uneasy as Facebook is a social networking site and one can't earn money from it. But If you are a Facebook freak and addict then here is the best opportunity for you all. Now you can make money online with facebook easily along enjoying your fb life.
How To Make Money Online From Facebook ?

Recently, I encountered one nice money making website known FanSlave. Here Facebook user can easily make out some money from their own Facebook Account. Users need to just like the Fan Page and they will fill you will real money for that, Isn't it nice?

Just follow the below steps to start making money from Facebook :

1. Register at FanSlave and connect your real FB and Twitter Account with it
2. Y will see Account Overview page, Start to like the fanpages and follow on Twitter
3. You will credits accordingly (cash is the half of your credits)
4. When you will 15.00 EUR, you can apply for payment via paypal or alertpay

Note : It will take much time to earn money by just liking the fan pages, You need to refer friends with your own special referral link given and you can see the flow of money in your account. But you need to refer real and long lasting friends, and don't try to cheat them.

Earn More Money With FanSlave :

1. You have to increase your FanRank (10 Fanrank = 6 Eur/day) and according
2. Your initial fanrank will be 1 only, so try to be regular with Fanslave
3. Register more and more real friends which will increase your fanrank too
4. Also connect your Twitter account and start to follow for money

FanSlave Payment And Scam Proof :

We personally applied for Fanslave and analyzed it very deeply at out best, It seems that Fanslave is very unique and its not a payment scam even .They are very regular with payment which can be seen in Google Search Engine.

How To Increase Your Torrent Downloading Speed

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How To Increase YourTorrent Downloading Speed With CheatEngine
Now Increase Torrents Download speed with the cheat enginesoftware which is free to download. No need to pay penny more for increasing your torrent Download speed. By using the cheat enginethe torrents speed gets doubles , you just need to tweak some setting in the cheat engines and it makes your torrents downloadspeed faster. Its very easy and even an non-programmers, kids also can make the following settings. Just follow the tutorial carefully.
      1.      Download the Torrent client to your computer like Utorrent and install it.

      2.      Now Download the Cheat Engine to your computer and install it.

      3.      After installing both the Utorrent and Cheat Engine open both.

      4.      Switch To Cheat engine now, Now you can see a “computer like symbol”. It is used the open the processes running in your system.

      5.      Open it and choose the Utorrent process and after selecting click “open”.

      6.      Now again repeat the same step as above, now click on “Attach debugger to process”.

      7.      You will get a message to press yes or No. Click on Yes.

      8.      Now you have to Enable Speedhack and make the speed limit to 0.5

      9.      Now finally you have to click on “Apply”.

    10.    Don’t close the Cheat engine, just minimize it and After few seconds you can observer increase in the Torrent downloadspeed.

Note: - Just replace 0.5 again with 0.25 and then stop your torrentz download and start it again. Wait for 2-3 mins and hurray ! you have tripled your speed.

Finally you have doubled your torrent download speed with the free software called cheat engine. Now enjoy the torrentspeed . If you have more queries drop the comment below .

How to make new partition in Win 7

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How to make newpartition in Win 7 & 8 without format - PC tips and tricks

How to create new partition in windows without formatting but you can follow this step by step. Without using any software and application, firstly make sure your local disk have been backup before create new partition.
1. Go to Control Panel and select Administrative Tools then click icon Computer Management.
2. Click on Disk Management and right click on existing partition.

3. Click Shrink Volume as shown screenshot below
4. Enter the amount of space to shrink to create a new partition.
5. Shrink and exit the wizard after completion you will see new partition is available in your My computer.

Windows 8 in the same way.


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How to Unlock Net setter | Break Lock | Creak Dongle | Ethical Hacking Tutorial 

Now a days most of us are using data cards of various companies and one of them is IDEA NET SETTER.

Today I’m going to tell, how you can use any other SIM in IDEA NET SETTER and then you can access upto 2mbps via that USB Net setter

Netsetter is using a Huawei modem
Step 1 : Download UNIVERSAL MASTER CODE (software) by THL

Step 2 : Now take your USB modem and see its back , you will see a 15 digit number and that’s your modem’s IMEI number .
Open notepad and type that IMEI no.

Step 3 : Now double click on the downloaded file of Universal Master Code and extract it then click on Universal Master Code.exe

Step 4 : In the IMEI number field of Universal Master Codetype , enter the IMEI number which you have already typed in notepad and press calculate.

It will generate a flash and unlock code.

Step 5 : Now connect your USB IDEA net setter and install net setter software from there and run it and also put a non IDEA SIM.

It will ask you for unlock code , also it will show u have 10 attempts ,simply put the unlock code generated from universal master code
And press enter while u have unlocked your IDEA net setter

Now for creating new profile go to Tools > Options > Profile Management and click new
Type APN supported by your sim (eg – for BSNL use bsnlnet as apn  ) , leave everything as it is and you can connect easily after that. Enjoy !!


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Enable Copy Option in PDF

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Enable Select, Copy and Printing on Read Only PDF Documents

If you have a read only PDF file that is restricted in multiple ways, like you cannot select the text from the pdf, you can’t print the pdf file or you can’t copy text from it even if you can select it, then you may want to remove the restrictions from it.

Most read only and restricted pdf files have a master password, which unlocks the file for any kind of operation like selection, copying or printing. Unfortunately, this master password is not released when the pdf file is distributed online.

Restrictions on pdf files are implemented by pdf creator to protect their work from content thieves. However, these restrictions are really annoying sometimes. You can easily remove all these restrictions using this free web based tool, PDFPirate.
Remove Restrictions From PDF Documents Using PDFPirate

• Go to pdfpirate and upload the read only pdf document that is restricted.

• Now pdfpirate will scan the document and all the restrictions from the pdf file will be removed instantly. You can then download the pdf document.

The downloaded pdf file will NOT be read only and you can now easily select, copy, or print this modified unrestricted pdf document.

PDFPirate works great on almost all PDF documents. However, if you have a pdf document that needs a password just to open it, then PDFPirate will not work on it.

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