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How to Activate CorelDRAW X6

Posted by Nikulsinh Rathod On Wednesday, April 24, 2013 7 comments
How to activate Coral Draw Graphic Suite X6 

First install ".Net Framework 4.0" software in your computer
Setup "CorelDRAWGraphicsSuiteX6Installer_EN32Bit.exe" file

Enter any serial number (copy serial number in keygen, any)
Click next
Setup is complete 30 days trial

Open "CorelDraw X6"
Select "Other Activation Option" in Bellow left side

Choose Phone Coral option

Copy "Installation code" : like "XRXU-7WNM-TT3J-NVVJ-JWJT"
Copy "Serial number" : like "DR16R22-XRV6XYW-6HTA5VH-NXED4TQ"

Run "keygen.exe"

Select " Corel Draw Graphic Suite X6 v16.0 "
Above all code past in Keygen.exe
and Press "Activation" button in bellow center side.
Copy Activation code like "CA3A-9F93-56E8-0A11-4034"
And past this code in Activation code under Phone Coral

Another Method

First install ".Net Framework 4.0" software in your computer
Setup "CorelDRAWGraphicsSuiteX6Installer_EN32Bit.exe" file
Mark " I accept the terms in the license agreement. " Next
Mark " I have a serial number" and Past this serial " DR16R22-D7NQKA3-LK8V8CG-EXUBSVC " Next
Click " Typical Installation "

1. Open "CorelDraw X6" in your own desktop.
2. Other Activation Method
3. Phone Corel
4. Write Installation code to notepad: X3YX-7WNM-TT63-XN3C-SH3TWrite Serial number to notepad: DR16R22-D7NQKA3-LK8V8CG-EXUBSVC
Than press "Activation"
And Copy "Activation Code" and Past;
Than press "Continue".

Open "CorelDraw X6"
Close (Below right side)

Download Coral Draw Graphic Suite X6
Download .Net Framework 4.0 

Any problem during activation, then you can also send me message on the internet and comment below, I have provide a activation to successfully activate CorelDraw software and any...
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To send me Comment required type as Activation code, then you write
CorelDraw version number:
Installation code:
Serial key:
Then I got to Activation code to you..


  1. Activation code not showing on clicking the Corel Phone button. Please help

    1. Uninstall and Re-install Software, desabled Internet connection required .. !

  2. Here you can download keygen for this software for free:
    Or visit our site for more:

  3. Hi! can you please help me with my Activation Code?
    Installation Code: XR7U-7WNM-TT3M-NZ4Z-9KJT
    Serial number: DR16R22-AK675RT-HCESQDG-CXFW27C
    ID: 410003 30

    1. Sorry for let,
      Installation Code: XR7U-7WNM-TT3M-NZ4Z-9KJT
      Serial number: DR16R22-AK675RT-HCESQDG-CXFW27C

      ACTIVATIONCODE: 6F97-6B71-E0EE-1173-2967


  4. dear, I have installed corel x6 but facing problem with activation so please help or send keygen file by because keygen.exe is not working.


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