Sunday, 16 August 2015

How to Restore USB Drive Back to Full Capacity ?

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Best Way To Restore USB Drive Back to Full Capacity ..!

If You have used USB Drive to install a Ubuntu or any Linux Distros on your PC, Your PEN drive might lost the Space. Whether Your PEN drive is 4GB / 8GB / 16GB or whatever it will Reduce to the size of the ISO file You have used normally to 700MB. You can format this Pendrive but still you will get only 700MB. So, What now?

There is a Simple trick to Recover Pen Drive to its Full Capacity.

What You Need?
  • A PC with Windows OS.
  • A Corrupted USB Drive.

Open Run ( Windows + R )

Type Diskpart and press Enter ( diskpart )

Type list disk ( list disk )

Type select disk 1 ( select disk 1 )

Type clean and enter ( clean )

Now you USB will show 0Bytes. Don't panic. Just unplug USB and insert again.
The system will prompt for fromat and do format.

Other: Go to Manage -  Disk Management 

Right Click on USB Drive, Choose "New Simple Volume" and Create New Volume...!

That's it. You have recovered Your USB drive to its full capacity from corruption!!


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