Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Chand2 Non-Profit Community

Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, July 08, 2015 2 comments
Hello Friends,
After a long time, the group name is Chand2 is going to expand its group, This is a free service website, which helps individuals seeking help; Like any software information, how to install it, its advantages, what software will be right., Or a malfunction has occurred in a computer should do so, his thoughtfulness, Any operating system of the computer information system of the driver, his tools, Details of the software installed in the computer, or in an Internet search help. If you require any information on the Internet, and the problem of information to our community is holding, Increases knowledge of the community and others, and person can take an important information which makes it a perfect and worthy person and it does not depend on any future work that he himself could do for yourself.

Please Chand2 covered person in the community who want to help others in any way, such as,

1) Software, how to install
2) Which is the best software,
3) How can I install the Windows operating system in the computer?
4) What to do if a memory card has been corrupted,
5) What to do if the data has been deleted,
6) If there was a malfunction in the computer software should do,
7) Which is the best website to seek information,
8) How to make a website,
9) The use of the programming language
10) Being installed in the mobile application information. ....

In this community Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Police, and was involved in many areas individuals can connect, which is free online Chat, Comment from, Post and others want to help ...!

Want to join the community today related person, your name, email address, Internet URL's profile, profession, skills, qualifications, in the form sent by the website. View the process of joining.
* Fill in the form at the website,
* Get confirmation mail,
* Connected in any group page, such as Facebook pages, Google Plus page, Facebook Group ...!


Thank you.


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