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Share your PC internet with your mobile phone

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Sharing of your PC internet with your mobile phone using bluetooth is possible and this article will walk through the steps to perform bluetooth tethering. Smartphone users can use Wifi/USB tethering which is easier and highly advanced if it is supported. This guide is applicable only for users whose device lack support for tethering via USB / Wifi.

Prerequisites :
Any MIDP 2.0 mobile (like 6630, N73 , 6210 Navigator etc) with multitasking.
Hiisi Suite Client for mobile — Download here
Hiisi Suite Proxy for PC — Download Here
Bluetooth Dongle in case of Desktop. (Laptop has inbuilt support)
Java JRE (Installed in most of the PC’s)
Bluesoleil / Widcomm / Microsoft (Inbuilt for Win OS)

Steps :
1. Phone installation :
Download Hiisi Suite Client for mobile.
Copy both files to your Phone memory or Memory card
Both files should reside in the same directory
Then use your phone’s file manager to locate and run hiisi.jad file
When prompted for installation install in the memory where the files are stored. i.e., phone memory or memory card
Now a new application will appear as ‘Hiisi Proxy’.
Now we have successfully set up the client on phone.

2. PC installation :
Download Hiisi Suite Client for PC.
Extract the files.
Right click ‘Pihatonttu’ and click edit.
You’ll find the following code

start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .\lib\comm.jar;.\lib\jdic.jar;.\class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM15 null

Now edit the COM port number to correct value and open Pihatonttu. (Please refer step 5 to find your COM port number)
You’ll get the following window. Minimize it.
Now we have successfully setup the proxy server on PC.

3. Access Point Configuration:
NOTE : You should have a default access point

Go To Settings->Phone settings->Connection->Destinations->Internet->Edit
May vary for your phone for ex : Tools > Settings > Connection > Access points > Options >…/li>
Click Options in left side and choose ‘Advanced Settings’
Navigate to Proxy server address and input
Navigate to Proxy Port Number and input 1234

{ OR }

If your mobile service provider didn’t provide access point , create a dummy access point.
Input any name for access point.
Then click advanced settings from left menu and input the Proxy server address as and Proxy Port number as 1234
Well done, now your dummy access point has been setup.

4. Making use of your PC’s internet connection :
Run the ‘Hiisi Proxy’ software in your phone.
Click yes if it asks ‘ Allow Hiisi Proxy to use network and send or receive data? ‘ (Refer Fig 1)
Select ‘ Bluetooth Mode’ and wait till it inquires blue tooth devices. (Refer Fig 2)
Choose your computers bluetooth name and wait for it to search serial ports. (Note : Make sure Hiisi Proxy is running in your PC)
On the next screen you will see the btspp://….. selection.This is the RFCOMM service and you need to select this one. (select the first and not the second) (Refer Fig 3)
Click Options in the left menu and mark Check now option under Blue tooth connection and click OK.
Now you should get ‘Hiisi Proxy [Bluetooth Mode]‘ is idling.
Now without closing the application , open web browser (The application which opens when you press 0 (zero) in nokia mobile phones).
Make sure to select the correct access point when it asks.
Now you will see the ‘Green color Bluetooth icon’ which denotes bluetooth data transfer that is happening between your PC and mobile.
Also you will find the sites you are visiting in the PC Proxy window.
That’s it, you now you can share PC internet with your mobile phone.

5. Finding your COM Port :
Open Device Manager and expand Ports (COM & LPT)
The first Bluetooth serial port should be the required one
In this example COM 15 should be used.

Alternate ways:
In bluesoleil software , Bluetooth ->My Device Properties.
Choose Services tab.
Note the first COM port.

Tips :
In the Hiisi proxy mobile client , you can choose various user agents in options/settings. The default Softbank will acts as Nokia N73 and displays pages optimized for it. Choosing other user agents will render the page in PC view.
If a webpage on phone displays 500 error then try changing the user agent to Softbank.
It works perfectly for access points of Indian Service Providers such as Airtel Mobile Office, Aircel.
Remove the proxy and port number when you want to connect to GPRS.
You can use Opera Mini too. Make sure you install using normal GPRS and then use this proxy to access internet.
Use IPV4 in access point settings.


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