Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How to find Hidden friends in Facebook account

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How to find / Mutual friends and Search Hidden friends in Facebook account

1. First create a New Facebook account and send friend request to another friend.
And your profile show all friends list upper side.

2. Login your Facebook account and View your Chat box (Right side) and Write your Friend name in chat Box, box show "Mutual friend" name.

3. Post interactive content and Photos to your account / friend time line, and Tag & share content to another friends, then friends of friends like and comment your Post and Photos.

4. View your friend Profile and find commented and liked friends. and Go to his/her time line.

5. Sometime Facebook account show "Suggest friend list" in you Facebook Home page (Right side)

6. Go to your Facebook home page and click "Find Friends" bar and find Mutual friends by City, State, High School, College, Status, Interest etc.

7. How To See Or View Hidden Friend List On Facebook Easily (This is not my website)

Then your Hacking is Done.

Note: I challenge all users, find this article on the Internet using Google and other search engine, I am sure you are not finding this, because this is my own trick, Personal experience.
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