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How to Send SMS from Gmail

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Gmail now allows you to send text messages (also known as short messaging service, or SMS) to mobile phones using the Google Chat feature from within your Gmail account. Text messages can be sent to any mobile phone that originates in any country that supports Gmail and Google Chat. Follow these instructions to learn how to send and reply to SMS using your Gmail account.

Step One: Log Into Gmail
Launch the Internet browser on your computer or device.

Open your Gmail Account : Click on the "Gmail" link located at the top of the Google Support landing page.

Log into your Gmail account with your username and password.

Step Two: Enable SMS in Google Chat
Click on the gear icon, which is located in the upper-right corner of your Gmail session.

Select "Settings" from the options displayed within the drop-down menu.

Click on the "Labs" header.

Scroll down to the section labeled "SMS (text messaging) in Chat."

Select the "Enable" radio button to the right of the SMS Chat feature.

Click on "Save Changes" located below the remaining options within Labs. Gmail will then refresh to reflect your new SMS preferences.

Step Three: Send SMS from Gmail
Navigate to the "Search, chat, or SMS" box located to the left of your Gmail session and above your Gmail contacts.

Type the name of the contact you'd like to send an SMS to into the search box.

Select "Send SMS" to the right of the contact's name.

Enter a phone number (including the area code) into the empty field next to "Mobile."

Click on the "Save" button. An SMS chat window will appear within your Gmail session.

Type your text message into the chat window, then click "Enter." The mobile phone number you indicated will then receive your message, and you can continue to chat using the chat window.

  • All text messages you send using Gmail are stored within your Google Chat history. Your chat history can be accessed by clicking on the "Chats" label within your Gmail session.
  • If you run low on SMS credits, send an SMS from Gmail to your own mobile phone or to a friend's phone, then reply several times to your Gmail's SMS to increase your credit amount.
  • If you receive spam, or other unwanted text messages at your Gmail account, block the user's future incoming messages by replying to their message with the word "BLOCK." You may unblock the user at any time by sending the word "UNBLOCK" to that particular mobile phone number.


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