Thursday, 21 March 2013

How To Increase Your Torrent Downloading Speed

Posted by Anonymous On Thursday, March 21, 2013 2 comments
How To Increase YourTorrent Downloading Speed With CheatEngine
Now Increase Torrents Download speed with the cheat enginesoftware which is free to download. No need to pay penny more for increasing your torrent Download speed. By using the cheat enginethe torrents speed gets doubles , you just need to tweak some setting in the cheat engines and it makes your torrents downloadspeed faster. Its very easy and even an non-programmers, kids also can make the following settings. Just follow the tutorial carefully.
      1.      Download the Torrent client to your computer like Utorrent and install it.

      2.      Now Download the Cheat Engine to your computer and install it.

      3.      After installing both the Utorrent and Cheat Engine open both.

      4.      Switch To Cheat engine now, Now you can see a “computer like symbol”. It is used the open the processes running in your system.

      5.      Open it and choose the Utorrent process and after selecting click “open”.

      6.      Now again repeat the same step as above, now click on “Attach debugger to process”.

      7.      You will get a message to press yes or No. Click on Yes.

      8.      Now you have to Enable Speedhack and make the speed limit to 0.5

      9.      Now finally you have to click on “Apply”.

    10.    Don’t close the Cheat engine, just minimize it and After few seconds you can observer increase in the Torrent downloadspeed.

Note: - Just replace 0.5 again with 0.25 and then stop your torrentz download and start it again. Wait for 2-3 mins and hurray ! you have tripled your speed.

Finally you have doubled your torrent download speed with the free software called cheat engine. Now enjoy the torrentspeed . If you have more queries drop the comment below .


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  2. Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations. :)


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